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15th December 2014 - an update from Joe

Hi everyone,
As I write this newsletter the HSS tour bus is flying down the Autobahn on our way to tonight's show in Freudenburg. This will be the 10th show of this tour to date and we are having great fun. We have been recording all the shows over the past month and will be releasing the cream of the crop as a double live CD early next year so keep an eye on the HSS website and Facebook for updates and a chance to pre-order.
We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who's turned out to see us on this tour so far - we've had an amazing time and truly appreciate your support. It's such a great feeling to see the band building momentum with new fans at every show.
We will be on tour again in Germany in March promoting the new live album. The dates and venues will be announced very soon, and for our American friends I can confirm there will be shows in the USA next year, so we are looking forward to that also.

See you on the road,

Best, Joe

2nd August 2014

The latest newsletter from Leo is online here.

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Newsletter from Leo - 13th March 2014

The February/March HSS tour ended all too soon last Saturday and we want to thank you for giving us such a fantastic welcome. We had a great time playing for you and we will never stop touring as long you want to hear us play.

The new HSS CD is selling hot off the presses and I want to thank you all for that too. It’s encouraging to have such a quick and positive response.

Later in the year we will be doing a limited edition run in vinyl...

      Read the full newsletter - HERE
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HSS  CD and Tour

Leo Lyons and Joe Gooch kick off the year with a new Hundred Seventy Split CD simply titled HSS. The CD is available now, and a song stream is available for free download HERE. A tour of Germany and Switzerland starts on 11th February. Check HERE for dates.



Update from Leo - 2nd February 2014

I just flew in from Nashville where the temperature has been well below freezing for over a month. I’m now back in Sunny Cardiff; I’m joking of course it’s raining here and also very cold. However the outlook is sunny, metaphorically speaking anyway.

Friday the 7th is the release date for Hundred Seventy Split’s new CD H.S.S. Tomorrow Joe and I will be in the label office signing copies ready to be mailed out to you; Many thanks to Nicki for preparing the orders ahead of time.

Thank you to those who have ordered pre-release copies. It’s very much appreciated. Your CDs will be with you as fast as the post allows.

Hundred Seventy SplitHundred Seventy Split

The HSS tour starts on the 11th Feb and the dates are already on the web site.

We would have done more HSS shows on this run but we had expected to play Feb/March dates with TYA until Ric and Chick told us on December 30th that we had already been replaced in the band. Life goes on and we wish them both the very best of luck.

We're looking forward to the upcoming tour. It’s always great fun for us and we hope it will be for you too. We will play songs from both HSS records plus some requested TYA classics. If you have any songs you’d like to hear please write to Joe, Damon or me care of our web site and we will do our best to fit them in. So far you have requested ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Love Like A Man, 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain and Woodchoppers Ball.

HSS are now accepting bookings for the rest of the year so please check back periodically on our web site for updates.

That’s all for now. See you somewhere in the next few weeks out there on the road.

Regards Leo


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