20th November 2018 - Newsletter from Leo

Hi everyone from Joe, Damon and me. 2018 is almost over. My apologies once again for the late newsletter. Our Autumn tour has just finished, after 24 gigs in 26 days. We even played an unplugged session in a Media Markt store. It was fun and perhaps we can do some more unplugged sessions next year. In fact I’ve bought a new acoustic bass on the off chance!

We’ve been asked how we manage to keep up such an intense schedule. The fact is that we really enjoy what we do and most importantly it’s thanks to all of you who support our music. It's very much appreciated.

I’m sorry that we were unable to play shows in more countries.  It’s not that we don’t want to and, rest assured, our agents are already working on it. For our American friends I can say that all leads are being followed to book some shows in the States.

Hundred Seventy SplitThere have been requests for more vinyl pressings. 'The World Won't Stop' and 'Tracks 'are already available but we’ve recently pressed up a limited edition run of 'HSS' in 180-gram heavy grain coloured vinyl. The 'HSS' vinyl edition on sale now from our web shop. Apologies, we are only able to mail to the UK and Europe. 

2019 is the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock Festival and many things are planned. To celebrate the event we’ve decided to play the ‘Original Ten Years After’ Woodstock song list where possible on our gigs. We’ll play two sets, one all 'HSS' material and the other set will be the 'TYA 1969 Woodstock' repertoire. 

Hundred Seventy SplitTwo long European tours for March and October 2019 are already booked and for the rest of the year we’ll do shorter runs beginning in January with gigs in Denmark.

I mentioned in my last newsletter that, thanks to our soundman Ed Truckell, we’ve recorded almost every show these past eighteen months. We were undecided whether to release a new live recording or add live songs as bonus tracks on a new studio recording. 

Many of you have requested a studio recording, so for 2019 that’s what we intend to do but it would also be interesting to hear what you think about an unplugged record too. 

See you out on the road. Regards,

Hundred Seventy Split24th January 2018 - Newsletter from Leo

New Years Greetings to you all from Joe, Damon and me.

2017 has shot by like a whirlwind. Thanks very much to those of you who were able to come and see us play. It’s been an exciting year. We played thirty-six shows and enjoyed every single one of them.

Hundred Seventy SplitThanks also to you kind people who buy our records but don’t have the chance to see us play in your part of the world. We really want to visit you and our agent is trying hard to make it happen. It’s frustrating to be offered shows only to find that getting visas in good time is not always possible.

We’ll be back on tour in 2018 and, as usual, you’ll find all the confirmed shows here on our web site. Other dates will be added as soon as they come in. In the meantime we’ll be working on new songs. There’s always something to keep us busy!

Hundred Seventy SplitSince our last studio release there have been many requests for another live CD.  To make that possible we've recorded most of the gigs over the past twelve months. From gig to gig we changed the sets around a little to include some songs that we’ve not recorded live before.

This month we’re in the process of listening back to those recordings and picking material for a new live CD to be released later in the year. We’ll let you know the release date, CD title and track lineup as soon as the mixing is finished. We hope you’ll approve!

See you out on the Road

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